How To Remove Lint From Bed Sheets - Solutions And Preventions

You must have encountered trouble with a pilling sheet at some point. What is pilling on sheets? It is when your fabric's texture has changed from silky and smooth to uneven and frizzy. And no matter how expensive a set of bedding is, it may pill or produce lint after a while of use. 

Want to learn how to remove lint from bed sheets? This post will show you how.

What Causes Lint On Your Bed Sheet

What Causes Lint On Your Bedding

What Causes Lint On Your Bedding - Image Source: Pixabay

Lint is the little fiber strands that come off the fabrics, resulting in a fluffy surface and ruining the original appearance of your bedding items. Here are what causes pilling on sheets.

Type Of Fabric

Fabrics with shorter and looser strands tend to pill more frequently. A piece of fabric's surface will eventually accumulate loose fibers. They experience friction and abrasion at the surface, causing the fibers to tangle and produce tiny balls, or "pills," of material.

Wear And Tear

Frequently snagging, pulling, stretching, or rubbing a fabric causes the fibers to weaken and break down, which is a perfect environment for producing lint. How you wash your linens matters because overly hard washing might cause the fibers to tear, resulting in pilling.

High Heat And Chemicals

Harsh chemicals, detergents, and high-heat drying or ironing can harm the fibers of the cloth. Being aware of this prevents pilling, which is brought on by fragile, weak fibers.

Dryer Balls

Although dryer balls with eco-friendly labels are gaining popularity, you might want to stop using them. Compared to conventional dryer sheets, they often damage your laundry and deteriorate textiles considerably more quickly.

How To Remove Lint From Bed Sheets

How To Remove Lint From Bed Sheets

How To Remove Lint From Bed Sheets - Image Source: Pixabay

Pilling doesn't always need you to run out and buy new linens. Your bedding can be revived and refreshed with some simple and inexpensive methods.

Use Lint Roller

A lint roller is an effective tool for removing the lint from your bed sheets. All you have to do is to roll the roller in an up-and-down motion across your sheets until all the lint pieces are gone. 

A tip in case you find brushing the lint off proves to be too challenging, use a dampened roller instead. This way, the roller will pick up the pilling much easier.

Use Scissor Or Razor

The pilling can be eliminated with small scissors, a safety razor, or a single-use razor. Carefully remove any pilling by carefully shaving or cutting the fabric as much as possible. Be extra careful to avoid cutting the pillowcases or sheets.

While you shave or cut the pilling, you may enlist the assistance of a friend or member of your family to hold the sheets firmly. Razors are very sharp and can quickly cut yourself or sheets; therefore, you should always proceed with caution when holding one.

Use Fuzz Remover

How to fix pilling sheets? Another answer is using fabric shavers, which can easily pull away lint, pills, and fluff. It only requires you to switch it on and move it across your bed sheets. The feel and look of your materials can be greatly enhanced by these useful tools, which can be purchased for about 11 dollars.

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How To Prevent Lint Balls On Sheets

With a little knowledge, pilling can be avoided with ease. Discover our top strategies of how to prevent pilling on a comforter or sheet.

Wash The Sheets Properly

Wash The Sheets Properly

Wash The Sheets Properly - Image Source: Pixabay

How to stop sheets from pilling? The amount of pilling your sheets experience will mostly depend on how you wash them. We advise utilizing a medium water temperature for cooling and a low heat setting for drying.

Furthermore, it is also a good idea to switch to a gentler laundry detergent that doesn't contain chlorine to maintain the strength of the fibers in your clothing. Also, utilize the lowest setting while ironing sheets, and avoid leaving the iron in one spot for too long.

Purchase Anti-Pill Sheets

Purchase Anti-Pill Sheets

Purchase Anti-Pill Sheets - Image Source: Pixabay

What sheets don't get little balls on them? Buying high-quality sheets upfront is one surefire technique to stop bed sheet pilling. While no fabric is fully impervious to pilling, some materials may be less likely to develop those annoyance-inducing balls of fluff. Consider purchasing sheets made of organic materials like bamboo, cotton, or wool if you want them to prevent pilling.

However, if you really want a cotton sheet, make sure it is made of long-staple cotton. Because the fibers in this design are longer, they are less likely to pill and tangle. Percale sheets are another excellent option due to their tighter weaves.

People Also Ask

How Do You Get Fuzzies Out Of Bed Sheets?

These fuzzies are minute fiber and lint particles that will stick to the sheets. To get rid of these small fuzzes, you can apply the same steps as with the lint using a razor, pair of scissors, or fuzz remover.

How Do I Get Lint Off My Sheets Without A Lint Roller?

In case you don't have a lint roller around, you can use a piece of adhesive tape instead. Keep in mind to use tape that isn't overly strong but just enough to prevent sticky residue from being left behind. 

Place it against the part of your garment and pill it off to lift the lint away. Continue until all of the lint has been removed.

Why Do My Sheets Get To Develop Those Little Fuzz Balls?

Technically speaking, pilling describes those tiny fuzz balls on your linens. When cotton fibers degrade and tangle, this happens. You frequently notice fitted sheets pilling close to the foot of the bed because it's usually due to friction.

The Bottom Line

Once you know how to remove lint from bed sheets, maintaining your bedding items' original form and state will be much easier. We have provided you with the methods to eliminate annoying lint and avoid it in the future.

Now all you need to do is to apply them to your bedding maintenance process. Also, if you are still confused about where to get high-quality sheets, is the name to remember. You can easily find the products with less chance of getting lint yet still meet all your needs there.

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