Organic Cotton vs. Bamboo

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Organic Cotton is a material we’ve passionately endorsed because of its seemingly endless advantages over conventional cotton: the material is environmentally friendly, durable, and comfortable.

You may have been perusing our site and noticing the peculiar bamboo-based items such as bed sheets, comforters, and duvet covers.

How does bamboo, of all things, get to be used in bedding?

Although bamboo products are not certified organic, they have their own merits and distinct advantages. Bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides, as it is naturally resistant to pest and fungi infestation. The plant is entirely self-sufficient and requires no fertilizer or irrigation, as it uses water more efficiently than cotton plants. It also absorbs more carbon dioxide from and releases more oxygen into the air than cotton. Once harvested, bamboo will sprout on its own and grow back fully within a year. 

The Manufacturing Process

  1. Bamboo plants are harvested and crushed

  2. Enzymes are used to break bamboo walls into a mushy mass
  3. Bamboo fibers are then mechanically extracted and spun into threads

The resulting material has a lot of surprising benefits that make it excellent bedding. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial, making it perfect for sleepers with sensitive skin.

Q: Is bamboo organic?

A: While bamboo fabric is natural and produced ethically and sustainably, it is not certified organic.

It is, however, breathable and absorbent, regulating temperatures and wicking away moisture from the skin. The material is also biodegradable, UV protective, and most importantly, soft to the touch.

cotton plant side

So how do we choose between Organic Cotton and Bamboo?

Both are soft, eco-friendly, and durable materials ideal for sensitive sleepers. Only Organic Cotton is additionally certified with health benefits for its users as well as those involved in its processing. That being said, Bamboo is distinctly silky, delicate, and more breathable.

Here at MyOrganicSleep, choose from our selection of duvet covers available in both Organic Cotton and Bamboo.

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