What Size Dryer Do I Need For A King Size Comforter? The Best Instructions

Are you struggling with the comforter? You wonder: What size dryer do I need for a king size comforter?. This is a riddle for many people as the king-dimension duvet is too big to be cleaned up in the normal machine. If your bedding is made from fragile materials, you should wash it by hand and then dry it. 

This information can give out the best size dryer for your laundry problems.

Can You Put King Size Comforter In Dryer? 

A full-dimension comforter can be put nicely in the clothes dryer if you know how to fold it correctly. Firstly, you spread your duvet on a flat surface and then take the four corners and fold it twice. This trick can optimize the capacity of the comforter so that it can fit with the capacity of the machine.

Please note that some materials like blended polyester are not suitable for rolling machines as they contain many artificial substances that can distort in high heat and impact. 

You should dry them in low heat and use natural-based materials such as organic cotton comforters and wool comforters because they are free of chemicals and hard to shrink.

Another tip for you when dehydrating the bedding is to put some dryer balls on the machine. The small balls will help clean up the dust in your bedding.

What size dryer do I need for a king size comforter

What Capacity Dryer Do I Need For A King Size Comforter?

There is a rule of thumb that the chosen dryer must be twice as large as the current washer. As the drying unit requires a large space to dehydrate the water from the thick duvet, you should pick up the machine with more than 3.5 cubic feet. 

Normally, the dryer capacity ranges from 3.5 cubic feet to 8.3 cubic feet. The standard dryers measurement is varied among different manufacturers; the most common dryer size is 27 inches x 42 inches. The maximum load of a 4.5 cubic feet dryer is 20 pounds of laundry, similar to the average weight of a king-size comforter.

Besides, there are also extra-large dry cleaners that can load up to 9.0 cubic feet. This type of machine can dehydrate two king-size comforters at a time.

There are two options for you: the front-door machine and the top-door machine. In general, both of these machines are effective and diverse in dimension. 

However, you should use the front-door drying unit as its rolling motion is stronger; it can push out all the stains and dust on your cover. The front-door machine is also more sustainable than the other one, and it takes up less space in your room.

What Capacity Dryer Do I Need For A King Size Comforter

What Size Dryer Do I Need For A Queen Size Comforter? 

Like the king-size comforter, a queen one also requires a larger capacity unit than the washer. This is because the drying unit needs some spare space to let the hot air flow in and dehydrate the moisture. 

The king comforter is usually 92 inches in length and 106 inches in width. But the queen is a little smaller; it measures 75 inches x 60 inches. The normal drying unit with 3.5 cubic feet can fit the queen model. With a big 8.5 cubic feet machine, you can mop up two bedspreads at a time.

Regarding the types of appliances, you can either choose electric dryers or gas dryers. However, the electric one is slower than the gas operation.

What Size Washer And Dryer Do I Need To Wash A King Comforter?

If you plan to wash the bedding by yourself, you should first look at the label symbols on the duvet. Normally, the manufacturer will print out the detailed washing construction on the tag through many symbols.

If there is a cup symbol with the hand on it, it indicates that you must wash the bedding by hand. If there is a cup with a cross on it, it means the comforter can not be washed normally, and you should take it to the laundry store to have a dry wash. If the tag has only the cup, you can put it on the washing machine.

Normally, a big scale cover can be cleaned by a 3.8 cubic feet front-loading washer. Remember that you must not put any other items onto the washer once you clean the big comforter. Or else, the cover can not be rushed out carefully.

In terms of drying, as we have mentioned before, a suitable drying unit should be twice as large as the washer. The ideal capacity ranges from 3.5 cubic feet and 8.3 cubic feet.

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Which Dryer Mode Should I Use For The Comforter?

When you have heavy stuff like the blanket, you should select the Big loaded capacity in the washing modes and then choose cold water in the heat setting. 

The cover is made from soft materials like feathers or wool so that it will shrink in high temperatures. If you want to ensure that the comforter is as flexible as the original, you should choose the delicate cycle.

How Often Should I Wash The Comforter?

If your duvets have covers, you need to clean the whole bedding once or twice a year. The covers will protect the internal stuffing from dust or stains, and you should tidy them weekly. 

In case you prefer the bedding's softness without the covers, it will be exposed to dirt and other bacteria. In this case, it’s advisable to wash them twice a month.

Should there be some stains or stigma on the sheet, have it cleaned right away as the stains are hard to remove.

How Long Does It Take To Dry The Comforter?

The organic comforter contains nearly 20 pounds of wool, which is water absorbent so that a wet bedding can weigh up to 30 pounds. The enormous amount of water accumulated in the bedding requires two to three hours in the dry cycle to be completely dry.

What Is The Size Dryer For Medium Size Comforter?

A medium duvet is much easier to fit with the drying unit as it is smaller than the king and queen dimensions. It is recommended that you choose a 3.5 cubic feet machine. You can also utilize the drying function on the washer if you want to save money. 

Wrapping Up

To sum up, there is a final answer to the question: What size dryer do I need for a king size comforter?. The dryer with a capacity from 4.5 to 8.3 cubic feet is the best option for your full-scale duvet. 

The machine can only dry out 90% of the water in the blanket, so you should take the sheet to the outside door to make it completely dry. If you are too busy to bare the duvet, you can bring it to the laundry. 

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