Care Instructions: Real Down Comforter

Here at MyOrganicSleep, our Real Down products require some special consideration because they are a bit different from what's on the market. To maintain both the longevity of real down and its unique properties, follow these guidelines*:

1. FLUFF YOUR COMFORTER: The comforter will be compressed in the packaging (in order to minimize the size of the package and therefore the shipping costs). To enjoy the inherently fluffy quality you'd expect from high quality down, please fluff up the comforter by hand or in a dryer with no heat. 

2. USE A DUVET COVER: While one of our Organic Cotton Duvet Covers is always recommended for any comforter, the Real Down Comforter especially should be paired with a protective cover. It is best to avoid letting down come into contact with water. The comforter contains loops for easy tying with a duvet cover. 

3. SPOT CLEAN: In cases where cleaning the comforter itself is necessary, the feathers inside the box stitched square should be pressed aside to leave a flat area where the stain is, without any filling underneath. Use a mild, preferably natural detergent mixed with water to clean the stain with a wet towel or other cleaning utensil. Avoid getting the down wet, as this makes it more prone to mildew growth. Air dry or use a hair dryer to dry the wet portion. A large dryer on a fluff cycle is also effective. 

4. FULL CLEAN: If spot cleaning is not enough, we recommend using a front loading, large capacity washer. It is important to make sure they remove all moisture and avoid high heat that would cause clustering for feathers or shrinkage. Dry with an extended "air fluff cycle," and dry again if still wet. Do not add heat to hasten the process.

TIP: Following a fluff cycle with or without very low heat, it is good to let the comforter dry on an open line for a few hours; 2-3 times a year suggested. 

* All of these tips also apply to our Real Down Pillow, which we recommend pairing with an Organic Cotton Pillowcase

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