How to wash Cotton Pillows Properly

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Easy and effective steps to consider when washing Cotton Pillows
  1. Before washing make sure you removed any pillowcases your pillow has. All pillow cases must be washed separately. Now that you have removed your covers, put your pillows in the washing machine. It is suggested that you only wash two pillows at a time, so your Cotton Pillows have the proper space to be washed. Ensure that washing machine is large enough to handle pillows. Typically, a 50 pound and above washing machine is recommended. Though a machine allows you to squeeze in pillows, it does not mean that it is adequate size. Machine must be large enough to  allow free flow of water to avoid lumping.
  2. Add your detergent to the washer machine. It is recommended to add about a cup of the detergent of your choice. Small amount of softener helps.
  3. Start your washer run it in hot water and adjusts your settings so that the washer goes through a 2nd
  4. Put your Cotton Pillow in the dryer. Make sure you switch your dryer settings to low
  5. Don’t start your dryer yet! Here is an awesome trick get two tennis balls and put them into two clean socks. These tennis balls will help maintain your pillows’ fluffiness and help decrease drying time.
  6. Check your pillows- make sure they are dried. If not, repeat the process. Though outer layers appear dry, inner layers can be moist.  Hand fluff the pillow and run through another drying cycle.

How to wash the wool comforter

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Needs some tips on how to properly wash your wool comforter?  Well you’ve come to the right place; here you will find insightful tips on how to properly wash for your comforter.

First off, if you just bought your wool comforter there is no need to wash it, unless it’s your preference.  Our Wool Comforters are chemical-free and are ready for immediate use. It is important to remember that wool is made of natural fiber; this fiber regulates temperature and maintains its shape for a very long time. For this reason, when washing your Wool Comforter you must be extra careful.  It is recommended to wash your Wool comforter every two to six months. 

HOW TO WASH:  When washing your comforter avoid any loaders that would slowly flip the product. Use a TOP LOADER machines. Manually set your machine to SOAK and to MEDIUM/ HIGH-SPEED SPINNING. Pay attention while washing and stop in the soak and rinse and skip any slow speed spins.

  1. Settings- Choose the most delicate cycle. Your machine will either say “hand wash or “gentle
  2. Soak – Fill your machine with warm water and add your biodegradable detergent or wool wash. Place your Wool Comforter and slowly push it down to let the water soak in.
  3. Skip all Slow spinning cycles- set your machine to medium/ high speed. This will allow the spinning to take out the water out.
  4. DO NOT USE DRY MACHINE – hand-dry in the sun or warm place

 *Getting Rid of Small SpotsIf the reason you are washing your comforter is because you accidentally stained a spot, use hydrogen peroxide.

 Apply hydrogen peroxide to the stain area- let it dry in between application, you will notice the stain will slowly start to lift and disappear as it gets dry. If the stain is not coming off keep applying more hydrogen peroxide until the affected areas starts to disappear. If the stain is too big use your sink and just soak the affected area with your wool wash or biodegradable detergent. After, you can either hand-dry or press the water out with a towel.

 Disclaimer:  Failure to follow these instructions does not guarantee product. Make sure you follow these instructions carefully when washing your Wool Comforter.

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