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Type: Latex Topper

Organic latex topper 2 inches

is made from eco-harvested latex trees with no toxic chemicals or fillers. Completed processing from organic soil, organic growth, harvesting and processing to meet GOLS certification requirement. Latex core offers the pressure point relief system.

Topper is free from chemical addictive giving long term health benefits. It conforms to body shape, specially spine and neck to offer the right support for restful sleep. Free from heat sensitivity, static surface, these are true comfort elite. 

 More features: 
  • Comfort design with air ventilation, resilience and pressure points elimination system for deep comfortable sleep. No Toxicity from latex plantation to finished foam. Highest level of organic purity.
  • It is made of Dunlop process.
  • Come with 3 firmness: Soft, medium, and firm

Organic latex topper covers:

You may enhance the comfort and performance of your topper by selecting a non-removable cover option for it. Our covers are thick, add a super soft layer and protect your topper for an extended life. Here are our some of our suggestions:

  •  Organic Cotton Cover made with 100% Organic Cotton - highly durable.
  •  Bamboo Cover made with super soft bamboo, rayon fabric.
  •  Natural Soft Tencel Cover made with a sustainable fabric that is regenerated from wood cellulose.

Note: All covers without zippers except the velvet cover.


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