Shredded latex pillows vs. Latex Pillows

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Have you ever heard about shredded latex pillows? I believe that you have known about it. There are more and more people look for the latex pillows and the shredded latex pillows recently. There are about 3,090,000 results (0.26 seconds) for the term “latex pillows” and about 106,000 results (0.38 seconds) for “shredded latex pillows” when people google these words. The question is what is the shredded latex and how good it is for sleepers. Generally latex and shredded latex are all natural latex. However, when it is made into the pillows, these pillows provide sleepers some similarity and difference points.

Shredded latex is made by shredding latex slab into small pieces 0.5-1.5 inches long. The cut pieces have characteristics of regular latex and in addition are flexible and resilient to conform to body shape. While they lay inside a pillow, the latex pieces can be moved slightly to allow the latex to conform to body contours, offering high degree of support and pressure point relief. This enables deep and comfortable sleeping, which the sleepers are looking for. Sometimes, in some stores, these pillow are under name is micro cushion pillows.

Latex pillow in general is made by a one piece of the latex, which is standard size, queen size or king size.  These pillows are made utilizing a unique pin-core design that delivers superior airflows that prevents the build up of moisture. The natural latex ones are classified into single zone and dual-zones. The single zone pillow has the same size pinholes, which spread from the edges to the center of the pillow. Different from the single zone, the duo has two areas zones, which consist of pinholes and bigger pinholes.


What is the same? What is the different?




Shredded latex



It will be in original shape for at least 5 years. The standard latex pillow has a thick of 5 – 6 inches, and if you can’t sleep with that height, you can’t make it become thinner.



Usually, the shredded latex pillows are made with the zipper –cover, which make them easy be adjusted. If it is too thick, you can get some micro cushion out then keep it for using later.



(Standard size)

 3 pounds

 6 pounds







 Both are natural latex pillow that usually covered by organic cotton cover. They hypo allergenic and anti-microbial, which prevent growth of harmful bacteria. They help to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature all night long. No synthetic latex and other additives are added to these pillows. They are totally natural.

 Of course, they are more expensive than normal pillows that people easy find in the market.

Keep you cool and dry throughout the night. 

Offers resilient, responsive support, and have the added benefit of being naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.

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