Wool Comforter for healthy / chemical free living.

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Ian Shareiff | 0 comments

Wool is naturally flame retardant. Keeps you safe from cancer causing chemicals.


To make most bedding products fire safe most are sprayed or treated with fire retardant chemicals which are very toxic. These chemicals can cause minor health problems such as allergies to serious health problems such as cancer because most of the flame retardant chemicals are listed as cancer causing or suspected cancer causing per California EPA.

Wool is a savior because it is naturally flame retardant and there is no need to add toxic chemicals to make it fire safe.

There are a number of reasons for wool to be fire retardant such as

- high moisture content
- high nitrogen content
- low heat of combustion, low heat release
- high oxygen index of about 26%
- very high ignition temperature of about 1100 F
- forms self insulating char that prevents fire propagation
- does not melt or drip that slows spread.


Safety from fire retardants is very important as most of these chemicals are known to be Cancer causing or at least suspected cancer causing. There are many other less studied effect of these chemicals such as mild to serious allergies, birth defects, Autism, ADHD etc., While science is still catching up with reasoning, there is easy way out- Wool Comforters are replacement to flame retardant laden big box comforters.

Way to go for healthy living...

More about other benefits of wool, including wealthy living, see my next article on this subject.



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