Better Sleep For New Parents

December 14, 2018

baby sleeping 
Feeling continually exhausted is something to expect for new parents. Newborn babies wake up every three hours to eat, keeping moms and dads in constant rotation all night. Here are some tips on how to best deal with this challenging stage in your and your baby’s life. 
The most important policy is to sleep on your baby’s schedule, not your own. Whenever your infant is snoozing away, that is your best opportunity to sneak in some rest before he or she wakes up again. 
Cribs are vitally important spaces to let your baby sleep after nursing. Do not share the bed or snuggle with your baby. Not only is this dangerous - increasing the risk of rolling over and crushing the baby - letting the baby sleep alone (as well as the parent sleeping alone) improves the chances of better sleep. 
Walks with the baby during the daytime is important in reseting your circadian rhythms, as well as helping the infant develop a regular sleep-wake cycle early. The exercise is additionally beneficial in making the body need sleep more deeply. 
Finally, switching off infant care during the night is the most practical way to avoid sleeplessness. Alternate with your spouse, sibling, or friend to get in as much rest as possible. Even 15 minutes of sleep at a time will make a world of difference. The parent’s health must have high priority to maintain your ability to make safe and capable decisions for your baby. 

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