Celebrate Quietly This Independence Day

sparkler and flag

At this unique moment in our nation's history, ideas of patriotism and liberty are especially potent upon reflection.The Fourth of July is usually a time of gathering and commotion. This year's festivities are taking on a more sobering tone. Gone are the parades and the crowds watching fireworks. With quarantines, self-imposed or otherwise, persisting into this summer, now is an opportunity to stop and ponder our nation's ideals during this downtime. 

It is important to have perspective about all the comforts granted to those of us living in the United States. Many are taking full advantage of our freedoms by taking to the streets. Others are watching the events unfolding with a discerning detachment. In the end, there is no doubt that our nation is being tested on how much it lives up to these ideals. 

We can find creative ways to celebrate all that we are afforded. This year's graduation ceremonies set the precedent for how to make the most fun out of strained time and resources. This summer, let's opt for a more internalized observation of America's independence as we lounge around the home and ponder.

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