Does Mattress Topper Help Back Pain? Answers Revealed!

Mattress toppers -as their name suggests QUITE clearly - are meant to provide extra comfort to your existing mattress by being drafted over its top. But to what extent does this comfort stretch? Does mattress topper help back pain or at least alleviate some of it? 

This article will gladly debunk such issues for you. Keep scrolling to see what surprises await! 

Does Mattress Topper Help Back Pain? 

Does it help backache?

Does it help backache? (Source: Flickr). 

Are mattress toppers good for your back? Do mattress toppers work for back pain?

The good news: Yes! 

Anyone struggling all year round to sleep every night due to annoying back pain will find immense solace in mattress toppers - the best solution they could have ever asked for! 

No matter which type of injury or backache, trust an average topper (you don't even have to buy higher-end ones!) to alleviate pressure and most sleeping issues.

These items often come in various sizes and shapes, aiming to cater to as many preferences as possible - which is why some novices may feel overwhelmed at first. However, all of them share one thing in common, which is the extra layer that can: 

  • Soften firm mattresses to reduce the risks of body aches and pains (especially for stomach sleepers). 
  • Provide some balance for aging mattresses that tend to sink or sag. 
  • Contribute to improved sleeping position, great pressure point relief, even body weight distribution, and great spinal alignment. You will feel as if it was heaven! 

What Is The Best Type of Mattress Topper to Help Alleviate Back Pain? 

Does mattress toppers help your back? Now that we have settled the issue, let's see which are the best mattress toppers according to critics and owner ratings. 

Mattress and healthcare professionals always have different opinions regarding every relevant aspect of a topper. Not this one, though: almost everyone agrees that natural materials like latex are the best for back pain of all levels! 

Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Latex is unbeatable in terms of lumbar region support, satisfying millions of side sleepers with lower back pain for decades. 

Their ability to adjust and adapt to your every movement is also superb, which is ideal for light sleepers easily disturbed by the slightest noises or motions. You can enjoy your precious, 8-hour sleeping beauty experience without hassles! 

Bamboo Mattress Topper

Though these firmer toppers are named "bamboo," they rarely consist of just bamboo. 

Latex (the best topper material we just discussed above) are often laced with these products, offering both back support and other terrific sleep innovations (ex: best cooling sleep style, better sleep hygiene, easy movement, great edge support, air circulation, etc.). 

Some common, most ideal choices for people currently available are:

  • Organic latex mattress topper with bamboo covers
  • High density bamboo toppers with infused charcoal and removable covers.

Listed below is a buying guide to help relieve back pain for more details.

What to Consider When Purchasing A Mattress Topper for Back Pain?

Buying guide

Buying guide (Source: Flickr). 

Your Current Mattress Types and Preferred Topper Thickness Options

Can a mattress topper help a bad back? Yes, but to ensure the best topper-mattress compatibility, do not forget to assess your mattress type before any purchase.

Is your current mattress too soft? Then an extra firm topper will lend better aid for your body during sleep. Likewise, a firm mattress goes well with softer toppers to maintain a perfect balance between comfort and extra support.

Plus, remember that organic mattress topper options arrive in various thicknesses; that's why you MUST assess how much extra cushioning or support is required for your back. 

Many materials are also at play (down, foam or latex toppers, etc.), with respective upsides and downsides. Do your research carefully, and try out those toppers if allowed by the manufacturers. 

Your Choice of Firmness Level 

Again, which firmness options work best for specific sleep positions all boils down to how much comfort you want. 

For instance, patients with chronic back and hip pain will find firm mattress toppers a great choice, while people in recovery from pain after surgery might want medium-firm or soft mattress toppers.

Proper Sizing

Having an ill-fit topper that is either too small or too large for the mattress would be quite horrifying. Constant shifts and wiggles will compromise all the benefits it is supposed to bring! 

Hence, topper sizing should also be considered among your top priorities. If you feel unsure about the correct size, measure the mattress first (or have someone experienced to do so for you). Not only will this method guarantee perfect matches, but you can also sidestep unexpected issues upon product returns. 

Hypoallergenic Key Features

Some people are not so lucky, constantly plagued with chronic back pain, asthma, AND allergies! What a terrifying combo. 

These pain sufferers will undoubtedly demand much more special features from a topper - including hypoallergenic properties. They can both offer optimal quality of sleep and reduce allergic reactions, sustaining all-year comfort. 

So ask yourself whether you (or whoever you are buying this mattress for) need regular or hypoallergenic toppers. 


How can we skip this vital factor? Breathable covers and toppers are the best match for hot sleepers or those living in warm climates - all thanks to their terrific temperature regulation and body heat dissipation. 

Consult with the manufacturer carefully for more information before investing in any option! 


Lastly, prices also play a part in overall quality assessments: cheap mattress toppers can never offer comparable comfort and support as their expensive counterparts. 

Still, not many people have enough financial capabilities to afford the best of the best bedding products - which is why they should weigh the pros and cons - or even cross out some performance criteria off their priority list - to balance decent quality and affordable price. 

No worry, though; with such a diverse and ideal option range, we are certain you will eventually land on a topper that fits your exact needs!

How to Clean Your Mattress Topper for Better Back Support? 

How to clean it?

How to clean it? (Source: Flickr). 

  • Place the topper on any flat surface (secure it to the bed frames if you want) then use your handheld vacuum to vacuum it thoroughly.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit for about 8 hours (minimum). 
  • Vacuum again to clear off all your baking soda. And if needed, flip your topper over to repeat the above steps. 

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Is A Mattress Topper Bad For Your Back? 

No. The only exception is when you buy bad mattress toppers or those that do not match your current mattresses. It's difficult for even people with no back pains to fall asleep on them!

Which Is The Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain? 

It's hard to decide on the answer - as it depends on your mattress and current back condition. Refer to our buying guide above to improve your sleep quality. 

How Thick Should A Mattress Topper Be For Back Pain? 

Experts and brands do not yet have any official concurrence regarding this issue. But at the end of the day, our suggestion is something in the middle - neither too thick (that might cause pain) nor too thin (that barely any bodily support is present).

Does Adding A Mattress Topper Really Help Combination Sleepers?

Yes - and not just help with back pain. Other offerings like motion transfer, body temperature control, contouring and pressure relief for hips and shoulders are also noted by physical therapists, ensuring quality sleep.


Does mattress topper help back pain relief? Yes, yes, and yes - though some buying tips are needed to guarantee you end up with the best product option. Be mindful and informed, and research carefully before spending any penny on a topper! 

If the question still troubles you, write to us immediately for a more thorough mattress topper review.

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