How Does Thread Count Work?

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Most consumers associate higher thread count with luxury, but this is a misleading piece of criteria on its own.
Sheets with higher thread counts contain more threads to to fill out the same amount of space, leading to higher density and a more heavy feel to the fabric. 
Other companies sometimes use thinner threads or multi-ply yarns to inflate the thread count number for the illusion of quality, which doesn’t necessarily make the material any softer. Thread count is only one of many other factors to consider for softness, like fiber, weave, finish, etc. Organic Cotton, for example, gets softer with every wash. Natural fibers like bamboo and Tencel are known to be silky regardless of thickness, and our wood-fiber based sheets all come in the same 300TC single-ply construction.
The advantage of higher thread counts is that they are more sturdy because of the higher density of stitching. That being said, all thread counts should be able to withstand washes without pilling over time, as Organic Cotton is quite durable in general. Here at MyOrganicSleep, we give you the option to go for a thinner feel with a 350TC sheet, or a thicker, tougher 550TC. Our 350TC is our most popular option for its softness, but some sleepers planning to keep the sheet for at least a decade like to go for the 550TC. 
The Definition of Thread Count  
Thread Count is the measure for the amount of threads in one square inch, consisting of the vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) weave of the fabric counted up to determine the thread count. Single-ply means that one piece of yarn is used per thread, while Double-ply means two strings of yarn were twisted together to form a thread. It's important to be suspicious of higher thread counts, as a 900TC sheet could actually just be made of 300 triple-ply yarn to add up to 900 threads. Any ply above two is not necessary and only results in diminishing returns. Double-ply is often used for its faster production and lower cost. Single-ply takes longer to produce but the softness is worth it. 
MyOrganicSleep keeps things simple for the consumer instead of confusing you with a bunch of misleading marketing techniques. All of our sheets are single-ply and sateen woven, with your choice of thread count depending on preference of softness to durability.

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