How Many Euro Shams For King Bed? What Size Do You Need?

The bed is the centerpiece of a well-designed bedroom. To be an artist of your own, breathe life into your room by whipping up your pillows nicely. As such, you can create a neat bedding arrangement even if you swish the duvet cover and are done. But how many euro shams for king bed?

Whether stack, prop, mix sizes, add decorative forms, or pile with abandon, grasping the correct figure will help you much.

How Many Euro Shams For King Bed?

How many Euro shams do I need for a king? Long answer short: 3 Euro shams will be suitable for a king bed. 

Meanwhile, 1 Euro sham goes well with a twin bed. 2 Euro shams will fit a Queen or Full-sized bed.

A euro sham pillow (a euro pillow) is a square pillow used decoratively on the bed, commonly behind the queen, king, and standard-sized pillows. Their typical size is 26" x 26". Also, they’re frequently coated in removable covers (a Euro Sham).

How Many Pillows Does A King Bed Need?

How many pillows for a king bed? Assuming a pair sleeps in a king-size bed, they just need two pillows, while one is for sleeping alone.

No wonder a king bed looks tedious and weird without Euro pillows with standard size shams alongside decorative shams, bolsters, and boudoirs. Even a duvet, sheets, or comforter besides a few pillows on your bed still makes it barren.

Instead of tossing 1 - 2 conventional pillows on your king bed, why don’t you try a more eye-catching design for personal preference?

How To Whip Up Your King Bed With Euro Pillows

Organic Cotton Pillowcases

Now, you know the answer to “how many pillows on a king size bed?” Here comes four general formulas for arranging bed pillows on a king mattress for your reference:

The Standard

In this recipe, just put three Euro shams around the bed’s back, then three queen or standard pillow shams. Front two boudoir pillows. This configuration is excellent when the European squares match the duvet.

The Bolster

Add 3 European squares to the headboard and 2 king pillows with shams. Beyond that, a cylinder bolster pillow to the front is flawless.

The Maximalist

Start with three Euro pillows at the bed’s back, then go for three standard-size shams and pillows in the third row.

The Classic

Place three Euro pillows against your headboard. After adding two king-size shams, insert three boudoirs or decorative pillows.

The Romantic

This case is likely to be perfect for couples. Employ three Euro shams against the headboard. The second row needs to add two king size pillows and ends with 20" x 20" square decorative pillows. After all, enjoy the things done with a romantic and alluring vibe.

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Types of King-Sized Bed Pillows

Sleeping pillows, ornamental pillows, and special needs pillows are available. Sleeping pillow types are meant to support your head and neck as you sleep. They can be made from the following materials:

1. Memory Foam

This foam conforms deeply, cradles the head, and is slow to respond. It is solid and supportive but may break down over time. Its breathability is also not so impressive.

2. Organic

Organic natural cotton pillows are hand-sewn with organic sateen covers and wool filling. These fluffy, supportive pillows come in every imaginable size.

3. Latex

Pillows manufactured from rubber trees adapt to pressure points and bounce gently. They retain shape better than conventional pillows, although they may smell and are pricey.

4. Buckwheat

This type is loaded with buckwheat kernels and gives above-average support, discomfort, and pressure alleviation. Buckwheat pillows are rather costly.

5. Down

"Down" refers to duck and goose feathers. Commonly used as pillow fill, it's light. Down pillows cost $200 or more and don't absorb as much body heat as other fill kinds.

6. Down Alternative

Polyester fibers simulate the feel of down in this cushion type. They are cheaper than down pillows but not as durable.

Tips & Tricks To Choose The Proper King Bed Pillows

Consider a few aspects to determine your ideal style.

Color Scheme

Plan to throw pillow colors around your bedroom palette. Pick themed throw euro shams and pillows.


If you have a tall mattress, the headboard might extend somewhat over it. A headboard 2' or more above the bed will be more stable. Should you get a short headboard, just use a few pillows.

Review The Whole Look

While developing a style from scratch might be fun, see whether there's a king-size pillow configuration that incorporates the existing ones. Reusing is not a bad idea.


Consider the cost of pillow inserts, decorative shams, and custom bolsters. Make sure your formation is affordable before ordering it.

Latex Pillows


Can You Use 2 Euro Pillows On A King Bed?

No. As stated above, 2 euro pillows do wonders for Queen beds. Meanwhile, a king size bed requires 3. Pick the right pillow size for your bed.

How Do You Use A Euro Pillow On A King Bed?

Though a euro pillow only goes for the twin bed. However, you can apply this formula for a king-size bed with a euro pillow: 2 King Pillows  +  1 Euro Pillow  +  1 Standard  +  2 Accents  +  1 Lumbar.

How many pillows for a king size bed in this formula? Two king pillows only.

What Size Euro Sham For King Bed?

Three euro shams are best for this bed. A euro sham size is 26" x 26".

What’s the Difference Between a Sham and a Pillowcase?

The opening of a sham and pillowcase differs. Pillowcases usually have one end open with excess fabric hanging off and no fastening. Meanwhile, a pillow sham has a zipper or an envelope-style opening on the back.

Take-home Messages!

We spend 6–8 hours a day sleeping. Invest in a solid bed and unique bedding for your bedroom. Today, we've clarified a controversial topic: How many euro shams for king bed?

A wide range of options is available to please all of you guys. How you spruce up your bedroom defines you. Refer to as many hints as possible to have a one-of-the-kind ambiance. 

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