King Comforter Too Small For King Bed - How To Solve The Issue

Comforters are among the most crucial items in a bedspread. Is your king comforter too small for king bed? Since comforter sizes can vary, choosing the proper one can be difficult. If you don't choose your comforter carefully, it can reach the floor or merely touch the mattress' edges. This post will help you solve this problem.

Can King Comforter Too Small For King Bed?

Depending on the fabric, a standard king comforter may not be a perfect fit for a king bed. Thus, it's crucial to choose a comforter when measuring one that doesn't exactly match the dimensions of the king bed.

We suggest you go for an oversized comforter to have full coverage for your bed. This provides enough room for the comforter to completely cover your king bed without seeming saggy or lumpy.

Plus, going for oversized options can be beneficial in the long term. Some king bedding sets are only functional until you give them a wash for the first time. They might not react well in the washing machine, resulting in shrinkage and unusable for your king-sized bed.

What Size Comforter For A King Bed?

Sizes of comforters are not uniform, unlike those for mattresses. The dimensions of a king-size comforter from different brands may vary, and some may provide bigger alternatives for thicker mattresses. But in general the comforter size of a king bed is 102 x 86-88 inches.

Here is our chart of other bed sizes for you to use as a reference.

Bed Size

Mattress Dimensions

Expected Comforter Width

Expected Comforter Length


27.25 x 52 inches

28-36 inches

48-52 inches


38 x 75 inches

66-68 inches

86-88 inches

Twin XL

38 x 80 inches

68 inches

90 inches


54 x 75 inches

81-84 inches

86-88 inches


60 x 80 inches

86-88 inches

96-100 inches

King/Eastern King

76 x 80 inches

102 inches

86-88 inches

California King/Western King

72 x 84 inches

107-110 inches

96-98 inches

Despite being a loose bedding item, comforters cannot simply be placed on a different size bed. For instance, a twin comforter could hang too low for a twin XL size mattress. Same as with an Eastern king, a California king mattress' sides might be too long.

The fill and thickness of the comforter can also impact how it lies on the bed. If the comforter is filled with something fluffy like down, there's a chance it won't cover the entire bed because of its expansion.

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How To Measure Your Mattress Sizes

Finding the ideal king size comforter dimensions might be facilitated by being aware of the dimensions of your mattress. This way, you can easily read the product's specifications while doing a quick web search, making the choosing process much faster and increasing the chance of getting the right size comforter.

You may estimate the breadth of your comforter by multiplying both sides by the width of your mattress. For instance, a twin-size mattress with a 10-inch thickness would have a width of 38 inches plus 10 inches plus 10 inches, or 58 inches overall.

If your bed has a footboard, remember to factor it in when determining the perfect length for your comforter. A footboard may interfere with the hanging of certain comforters that are intended to hang over your bed's foot.

Other Factors To Consider While Choosing A King Comforter


To cover the side of the mattress, your comforter's width should be consistent with the thickness of your mattress. Mattresses typically range in thickness between 9 and 12 inches. Almost any commercial comforter options will readily match anything in this price range.

Suppose your ultra-luxurious mattress measures over 15 inches thick; go for a Cal king or king comforter. These are the perfect sizes for bigger mattresses.


How breathable the comforter is may depend on its fabric. You will be more comfortable if your comforter has holes for air to circulate through. This feature will come in handy, especially during the summer.

Compared to synthetic fibers like polyester, natural and organic comforters with textiles like high-quality down, wool, and cotton are more breathable. The rule of thumb to stay warm, if you're on a tight budget, is with a comforter made of synthetic materials.


While some people may not think a comforter's appearance matters, others find that beginning the day wrapped in cheery designs or modern prints makes them happier. Although down comforters are typically white, you may jazz them up with bright solid colors or reverse patterns, making them the center of attention of your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My King-Size Comforter Not Fit My King-Size Bed?

This issue occurs since comforters come in a variety of sizes, unlike the bed size. Different companies' comforters may differ in length and width, and some might provide wider choices for beds with more padding.

What Size Should A Comforter Be For A King-Size Bed?

A king comforter ought to have at least a few additional inches in both length and width since a king-size mattress is 80 inches long by 76 inches wide. It frequently measures from 85 to 96 inches in length and approximately 100 inches in width. It would be best to go for a comforter that can hang a few extra inches over your bed's side.

Is There A Size Bigger Than King Comforter?

There is. The California king comforter is bigger than the king one. Its dimensions of at least 107 x 96 sizes in inches make it the ideal size for large families or tall couples.

Can I Use A California King Comforter On A King-Size Bed?

Unfortunately, no. California King and regular king comforters can't be used interchangeably. The former is longer and shorter in width than the conventional one. Once you place the California king comforter on the king-sized bed, you will find the bedding reaching the floor at the bed's end yet with less coverage at the sides.

Wrapping Up

After reading this post, you have the answer to why your king comforter too small for king bed. The right-sized comforter can maintain the aesthetic appeal of your bed and increase your sense of warmth and comfort.

Keep in mind that knowing the dimensions of your mattress is essential to choose the ideal size. You may get a general estimate of the measurements of a king-size comforter by multiplying the depth of the mattress by its length and width. Follow our website to find the best comforter for your bed.

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