New Year’s Resolution For Your Mattress 

Are you tired of letting your mattress get in the way of your sleep?

If you are, below you will find reasons it might be time to make a change:

  • “My mattress is too firm”
  • “I’ve had my mattress for a very long time, it has gotten very uncomfortable”
  • “My mattress gets way too hot sometimes”
  • “I bought a memory foam mattress, but I don’t like how my body sinks in on me”
  • “I want to buy a new mattress, but I was thinking of building my own”
  • “I have an allergy problem, will an organic mattress topper help”?

What better way to start the year than by improving your mattress.

If the reasons above apply to you, then MyOrganicSleep might be able to help you fix and find the best and most affordable latex mattress topper.

When you purchase a mattress it only takes a few minutes to go around the store and lay on each mattress and bounce a little to test its firmness.

Although you’ll like to think this testing method helps you find the right one, rapid decisions can leave you with an unwanted and uncomfortable mattress.

Here is the sweet thing about a mattress topper, by adding one to your bed you will eliminate most of the issues you have with your current mattress.

  • No need to buy a whole new mattress, just add a latex mattress topper and make your bed softer or firmer
  • If your mattress is old, simply add a 1', 2', or 3-inch natural latex topper to enhance it, your mattress will feel like new!
  • Mattress makes you too hot at night? no need to worry a mattress topper allows your body to breath through its pinhole design, it’s added for ventilation.
  • If you own a memory foam mattress, but you don’t like the way it caves your body in, adding a mattress topper would fix this problem for you. Just pick your firmness and you are all set!
  • Sometimes some of our customers call asking us if they can build their own mattress, the truth is it's possible. Send us an email at telling us what you are looking for and we will see if we can make it happen.  
  • Allergies are all too common when it comes to bedding; therefore they seek organic or naturally made products to help them minimize their allergies.

Start the year with a mattress topper that will change the way you sleep. Not only will it give you the best sleep you’ll ever experience, but it will protect your sleep health. You no longer have to worry about breathing toxic materials other latex topper manufacturer companies use at night.

Ready to make a change? 

Check out our collection of Organic/ Natural Latex Toppers 

If you have no idea what latex mattress topper is the right one for you, chat with us on our home page or simply send us an email at we will get back to you a soon as possible (within 24 hours or less) 

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