Our SOAP Bar Pillow is Made For Snuggling

February 29, 2020

Natural Latex Low Loft SOAP Pattern Pillow

There are all kinds of factors that determine an ideal night's rest. Here at MyOrganicSleep, we pride ourselves on offering sleepers a wide variety of options to choose from to meet their most specific preferences. That's why we've added a new variation to our Low Loft Pillow series. 

Natural Latex Low Loft SOAP Pillow Product Measurements

Available in a Standard size, Firm, this Natural Latex Pillow comes in a pattern of raised bumps and dips for a sensitive touch. This unique texture is extra comfortable against your head and face, providing a cozy feel that helps lull you to sleep. Tossing and turning will only make the sleeper more intimately acquainted with its soothing texture, reducing any sleeplessness throughout the night.

Dunlop Natural Latex Low Loft Soap Bar Pillow side view

This variation is made of Dunlop Natural Latex that remains completely free of synthetic fillers or toxic chemical substances, like our other latex pillows. Its slim profile and pattern makes it resemble that of a bar of soap. That's why we've decided to call this one the SOAP BAR Pillow, currently available in a Standard/Firm (with removable zippered Organic Cotton cover in an off-white, natural color). 

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