Stay Cool This Summer Solstice

Summer is almost here and it’s important to adjust our routines to accommodate the changing needs of the season. This year's summer solstice, the longest day of the year in which summer begins, will fall on Saturday, June 20th in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, it's especially important to keep ourselves cool in mind and body in order to persist through these days. 

Longer daylight hours can make it tougher for some to fall asleep at their usual bedtime. It's an odd time to spring into the warmer months, as the last thing anyone wants these days is to continue to stay inside. More daylight also means more time for outdoor activity. Increased daily exercise and adequate exposure to sunlight are great lifestyle changes in the summer that will make it easier to fall asleep more deeply.

Complement these changes with some proper comforters. You don’t want to sleep under a stuffy blanket that just traps your body heat. Our Organic Cotton and Natural Bamboo comforters are lightweight, breathable insulators made for the hot summer nights to come. Our Down Alternative Comforter is a more bulky option perfect for snuggling into. Fold it at the edges to use as a body pillow you can wrap around, or bend it at the corner to rest your head. 
Sweating in your sleep is something to avoid during these hot summer nights. Wood-based fibers make for excellent moisture-wicking fabric in our natural bamboo and tencel bed sheets. Our bamboo bed sheets and mattress pads are excellent ways to step up your bedding without breaking the bank. 
Finally, Natural Latex pillows have a unique Pin-Core Design that allows air to pass through. Our Talalay pillows are the most airy and plush latex material that your head can sink into during the night. Your head will stay cool and cradled in its responsive material. 

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