Toddler Comforter Vs Crib Comforter - Comparison And Tips

While shopping for your kids, the difference between a toddler comforter vs crib comforter can make you confused, especially if this is your first time being a parent. 

So, what are the differences between these two? This article will give a detailed answer, aiding you in deciding which will be best for your baby. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is a Toddler Comforter And Crib Comforter?

A comforter is a huge fabric bag stuffed with soft fibers like silk, wool, polyester, or cotton. They are flatter and less puffy than duvets. While most duvets are filled with down, comforters can be produced with various materials.

A comforter, or a quilt, can also be a small blanket or a soft toy. In this article, we are referring to them as blankets. Toddler and crib comforters are used for kid beds with smaller sizes to provide babies with a sense of safety and security. 

They are also referred to as transitional objects as they contribute to mentally supporting a baby who is stressed (usually at the age of 3) or facing a change in their normal routine (changes in sleeping schedules, hospital stays, immunizations, etc.)

Why are they necessary, though? Around 6 months old, your child will go through an important growing phase - being separate from you. By this, we mean they will start to realize that they are no longer attached to you.

However, some kids encounter severe anxiety before reaching this cognitive development milestone. This is when you need a blanket. With time, your baby will likely transfer parts of their feelings of attachment for you to the quilt. 

Of course, this outcome doesn’t happen overnight. It’s going to take tries after tries, and the key? Consistency. Once the baby is used to sleeping with a blanket, it is a lot easier for them to soothe themself back to sleep without your help.

Toddler Comforter Vs Crib Comforter: Similarities And The Differences

Toddler and crib comforters are very much the same products. They pose the same purpose of use - keeping your kid comfortable during their sleep. The average size for both of them is 36 x 53 inches. However, the size can vary, depending on the manufacturers.

Except for the crib ones can be bought separately, whereas toddler quilts usually come in a whole set of toddler bedding (a 4-piece set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, a pillowcase, and a blanket). 

If you already have a toddler bedding sheet without a toddler comforter, you might as well purchase a crib comforter, which measures 40 x 60 inches, and it would still be fine. Besides, toddler quilts measuring 46 x 70 inches will be best.

In addition, some might also wonder about the differences between toddler comforter vs twin.  A twin one is often 66 x 90 inches, letting you tuck its ends under your mattress to keep it in place, while a normal quilt drapes over your bed. 

So, you can compare between toddler comforter size vs twin one. The latter will be much larger.

Tips To Choose Comforter For Kid Beds

  • Quilts with harsh textures are likely to irritate the skin, and kids have highly sensitive skin. You’d want materials that are soft with extra comforts, like natural wool or muslin.
  • If your teeny already has a bedding set without a quilt, it’s a good idea to choose one with the same theme (colors, patterns, etc.). The bedding should also go with the overall theme of the room.
  • The waterproof feature is optional, but some parents consider it a must-have feature. Your baby is at a bed-wetting age, after all. A waterproof quilt would make cleaning a lot faster and easier. Lying in a wet bed makes it susceptible to skin irritation, which can be very uncomfortable overnight.
  • The top tip for choosing a quilt for your kid is to bring them to the store with you. Let them pick out the sheets with their favorite characters or patterns, and bedtime might just be a lot less of a struggle.


Is Crib Bedding The Same As Toddler Bedding?

Since toddler bed sheets are pretty much the same size as crib bedsheets (28 x 52 inches), you can alternate a crib mattress for a toddler one and vice versa. Their materials are pretty similar, such as organic, natural, and latex.

Can A 2 Year Old Use A Comforter?

A 2-year-old can use a comforter for the bed, because soft bedding has little danger to your babies after 12-month age, and ideally when they're older than 18 months. 

Yet, experts recommend keeping soft objects like quilts and blankets away from a baby’s sleeping area for the first 12 months due to risks concerning SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

What Size Is A Toddler Comforter?

There is no one answer to this question as the sizes vary depending on the manufacturers. So, what size comforter for toddler bed? Normally, a toddler quilt measures 40-by-60 inches, which is the ideal measurement to accommodate babies’ average height and weight.

If your child is a little bigger, some retailers offer 44-by-60-inch quilts. The average growth of a teeny is 35 to 40 inches in height, but you are the one that knows your baby best, so choose accordingly.

What Bedding Should A 2 Year Old Have?

It is best for your teeny, especially a young toddler, to have toddler bedding. Kids this age can easily get entangled in adult-size bedding, not to mention the size is just overwhelming for a tiny person.

Some parents give their baby a bottom sheet, a top sheet, and a blanket. It is suggested that you observe your child and see what setup would be best for them. Some kids want to keep using their baby blankets while others sleep okay with a simple blanket-and-bottom sheet setup.


This article has provided the difference between toddler comforter vs crib comforter. Keep the considerations in mind when choosing kids’ bedding so they get to experience the best out of your worthwhile purchase decisions. Hands down, these tiny people deserve the best and only the best, don’t you agree?!

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