What Is Throw Blankets? A Guide to Blankets for Novices

Even a child is familiar with blankets - let alone adults. But it's not just a mere piece of cloth - there are more blanket types than you could imagine, and one of them is the throw blanket. 

What is throw blankets, and how do you distinguish them from their regular counterparts? Click this article to discover all relevant aspects regarding this dilemma.

What Is Throw Blankets? What Is A Throw Blanket Used For?

What Is Throw Blankets

What are they? (Source: Flickr). 

What is a throw blanket? It is… well, a blanket. What draws the line between it and a regular blanket is the size. A throw is significantly smaller than a typical blanket and duvets you often find and hence, not just suited to huge mattresses and bedspreads. 

So what are throws used for? Due to the aforementioned small dimensions, these items are made to keep you comfortable and provide warmth regardless of where you are or which room you stay in.

Even better, the diverse frills and styles of these throws make them a wonderful accessory for your couch or bedding (there is even a cozy chair type called "chair throw" created for snuggle movie nights!). 

We highly recommend you drape the cloth over your piece of furniture or hang it on the wall as dining area decor or a piece of art. Bringing them along on your monthly or yearly travels is also a great idea; the throws could serve as a convenient picnic comforter!

Types Of Throw Blankets

Since we just mentioned throws come in numerous styles and frills, let's have a quick check at some of our common favorite throws:


Faux fur blankets are meant for anyone looking to improve the luxurious aesthetics of their houses. Draping these pieces over the bed's foot or at the couch's corner will garner numerous compliments from your visitors!


A knit blanket often has heavy weight and weave, which is ideal for bundling up during colder months. 

Chunky knit throws can add distinct and memorable texture to any living space, especially once you layer it with a few other comforters. For those who like tighter knit for extra warmth, Jersey versions would be lovely.


Pintuck throws are small sitch, fold, or pleat in fabric, consisting of various pintucks that shape in diamond-like patterns. Such a subtle and elegant design works extremely well in breathing visual highlights to monochromatic color schemes.

Luxe and Shimmer

Luxe throws beat most other options on this list regarding texture choices. 

Every market and store presents a bunch of heart-stopping materials and shades - even faux fur, ensuring all preferences and demands are met. 

Meanwhile, shimmer throws shine thanks to the glittery fabric designed to capture and absorb the lights, making your house look brighter and more classy.

Recycled Fabric

As the name suggests, these items are crafted from recycled materials. A case in point is fabric stemming from plastic bottles. Sometimes, you can find add-on accents (ex: pom poms) that adorn the edges, which make the item a great accessory for accent chairs or beds.

Velvet and Fringe

Velvet is always associated with luxury - and plush throw blankets are by no means an exception. Give your friends and family members a dash of how a 5-star royal house would feel like by placing a velvet throw over the couch, bed, or chair.

On another note, the tassels (called fringe in some regions) on fringe throws' borders can give off some long-lost, traditional-style Bohemian vibes. You can either choose chunky, large fringes for show-off purposes or subtle, smaller ones to achieve a delicate look.

Embellished (for Personal Taste)

Everything can get embellished - chairs, beddings, backpacks, and, of course, throws, giving your items a more personal touch. Why not introduce some embroidery patterns or monograms of your names to some of your most treasured throws - and put them somewhere everybody can see? 


And lastly, Chenille is a French word that means "caterpillar". The striking resemblance between the fur of caterpillars and this type of throws is how it earns the name Chenille, but in fact, they comprise rayon, acrylic, or cotton blanket fabrics. 

As dying these materials is easy, people often decorate Chenille throws with many distinctive and one-of-a-kind designs.

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How Should You Wash Throws?

How Should You Wash Throws?

How should you wash them (Source: Flickr). 

Most throws are made of soft materials, so washing them should not be too complex or challenging. Nevertheless, half-hearted attempts in taking care of blankets will strip them of their colors faster than you could imagine, so remember to follow our guides with caution!

Step 1. Wash the item on a gentle cycle and with cold water. Otherwise, stronger options for throw blanket may lead to knots forming. 

Step 2. Use just the right amount of fabric softener or detergent; too much will stick to the natural fibers and damper the blanket's softness. Also, NEVER turn to bleach, unless you want the dye and microfiber destroyed completely! 

Step 3. Dry this soft blanket at low temperatures. High heat will result in curling and shrinkage. 

Step 4. Remove the item and fold it immediately once it has been dried, keeping wrinkles at bay. Irons are alright every once in a while - but do not use them on delicate materials like cashmere or fleece throw. 


Why Are They Called Throw Blankets

Related questions (Source: Rawpixel). 

As the question "What is a throw?" has already been tackled, let's come to other common inquiries asked by our readers. 

1. Why Are They Called Throw Blankets?

There hasn't been any official explanation behind the name, but most people deduce that the root of such titles is inferred from these items' multifunctional design elements. They can be thrown anywhere - even on the floor.

2. What Is The Difference Between A Throw Blanket and A Regular Blanket?

This issue has already been discussed right at the beginning, but here's a quick recap: cozy throw duvets are much smaller and can be used on anything (couch, chair, picnic, et cetera). Their usages are not limited to the bedrooms like other bed-size blankets.


Go to My Organic Sleep

Go to My Organic Sleep! (Source: Public Domain Pictures). 

What is throw blankets? This article has delivered all the answers you need. Keep in mind some of the most common throw types to decorate your beloved residence, and navigate to My Organic Sleep for dozen color choices, materials, and designs on the market!

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