Why choose Natural Latex Pillows

For those who are curious as to what exactly natural latex is, it is the rubber tree also called the Hevea Brasiliensis. This sticky liquid protects the tree from attack by insects, bacteria, and mold as well as decreasing its flammability and helps keep its bark strong and healthy. The liquid latex can be gradually removed over time with a process called "tapping” This leaves the rubber tree perfectly healthy and able to live and grow as normal. A tapped rubber tree will still have a lifespan of several decades, if not even exceeding what it might experience in the wild.

This liquid latex can then be solidified through application of heat, time and pressure. Since latex naturally possesses fire resistance as well as insect repelling and antimicrobial properties, there is no need to be treated with any type of harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process. This is great news, as many of these chemicals have been found to be extremely harmful to both health and Earth's air quality.

Let's take a look at what we know and the amazing benefits about natural latex pillows

  • It contains no animal products or byproducts, thus making it VEGAN
  • It is derived from trees and does not contain any chemical additives, making it ORGANIC and NATURAL
  • It is NOT treated with any dangerous or harmful chemicals, making it NONTOXIC
  • It removes all reaction-causing proteins during the manufacturing process, which makes it HYPOALLERGENIC

Can any other pillow material offer you all these benefits at once?

Natural latex is "foamed" during the manufacturing cycle, which produces the light, fluffy and breathable pillow. Its high elasticity creates a texture which most consumers describe as springy or bouncy. While natural latex is pressure sensitive, similar to memory foam, which means that it reacts to the pressure of your body as you lie down on it. It’s significantly more elastic, meaning that it supports your body rather than embracing it. A memory foam pillow will often leave you feeling as though your head is sinking into the latex pillow.

Natural latex focuses on providing support to certain areas on your body which need it most during the night. For side sleepers, that is usually the neck and hip, which are bearing most of the body's weight, while back and stomach sleepers might need a little extra focus on the spine and shoulders. Natural latex pillows are typically contoured in a way as to promote proper alignment of the neck and spine. 

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