What Is The Difference Between A Quilt And A Comforter?

While looking for the ideal bedding choices, you will want to find something that is both cozy and stylish. In this case, quilts and comforters are two popular choices for the ultimate appearance and feel. 

But what is the difference between a quilt and a comforter? This post will walk you through all the basics of these two items.

What Is A Quilt?


Quilt - Image Source: Pixabay

Three layers make up a quilt: the top, the batting, and the bottom. The top layer is often decorative and constructed from various fabric scraps sewn in a specific pattern.

In contrast to the top layer, a quilt's bottom layer is made of a single fabric type that matches the top's pattern. These layers of the quilt are often made of 100% cotton because it is the most commonly accessible and long-lasting fabric.

What Is A Comforter?


Comforter - Image Source: Pixabay

Similar to modern quilts, comforters consist of three layers: the stuffing, the top and bottom. But notice that those are the only points of similarity. A printed fabric may be used on the upper and lower layers, but comforters are not constructed from several pieces of cloth or stitched together using the usual quilting technique.

The comforter's upper and lower layers (also referred to as the case or shell) are made up of a single piece of fabric that is often a simple pattern and solid color. 

These two layers and filler are combined with a sew-through thread and a baffle box design. The comforter's layers all utilize the sew-through technique using a panel or box stitch pattern.

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What Is The Difference Between A Quilt And A Comforter?

Despite having a somewhat similar appearance, comforters and quilts have some key differences. Below are the most significant variances between the two products.


Construction Of Quilt And Comforter

Construction Of Quilt And Comforter

There are three layers in a classic quilt. Multiple fabric pieces are stitched in a complex design to create the top layer. There is an additional layer of down feather or wool within the battling. Typically, a solid cloth is used to make the bottom.

In order to create pockets that retain heat, it is typically stitched all over with a decorative pattern. The term "quilt" derives from quilting, which is both an aesthetic pursuit and a production method. Traditionally, quilts were produced by hand, but sewing machines are now utilized to create more affordable versions.

Meanwhile, a comforter is a substantial bedding accessory placed between two pieces of the same fabric and stuffed with synthetic substitute or down. Comforters don't have intricately patterned stitches as traditional quilts do.

The fabrication of these garments is either a baffle box construction or sewed through. The former occurs when there are additional pieces of fabric sandwiched between the upper and lower layers, while the latter occurs when the stitching completely encloses both comforter sides.


Compared to other types of bedding products, quilts are flatter and fit snugly against your mattress. Comforters, on the other hand, are typically fluffier. In comparison to a thin quilt, they have more fluff and loft, which helps with insulation.

Patchwork quilts are perfect for homes with a rustic, country style from an aesthetic standpoint due to their colorful, distinctive appearance. With their elegant appearance, comforters complement modern decor effectively and bring a gentle setting to your bedroom.

Additionally, quilts and comforters can have very distinct designs. While some contemporary quilts might have a simple pattern with a single color on top, others might have more elaborate, vivid designs.

This occurs more frequently while discussing traditional-style quilts. Comforters, however, typically only come in one bright color and one fabric type.


Use Of Comforter And Quilt

Use Of Comforter And Quilt

Cotton or cotton-blend fabrics are typically used to make quilts. These thin bed covers are perfect for usage in the winter or summer over blankets and meant for hot sleepers. Meanwhile, comforters are the ideal wintertime additional accessory.

Quilts are the perfect options if you produce a lot of heat while sleeping and want something thin to provide some insulation. They are thinner and lighter than comforters. Also, you can use quilts as statement room décor pieces as they can give the living space a new rustic style or simply something brighter to liven it up.

In opposition, comforters are warmer than quilts, making them a better choice for cold nights and months. You will experience warmer nights thanks to the greater levels of insulating fill.

Plus, you use them independently, whereas a quilt typically requires pairing with other bedding sets to provide additional warmth. Besides, comforters are great if you want your bed to have a cleaner, less layered appearance.

People Also Ask

Does A Quilt Go Over A Comforter?

Yes, you can wear your quilt over a comforter or bed blanket. This way, it will bring a cozier appearance and feel and offer extra warmth. Just watch out for the quilt's additional weight because that may reduce part of the comforter's volume of filling.

Which Is Warmer Blanket Or Quilt?

Typically, quilts are warmer than blankets. The various layers used in their creation, particularly the padded stuffing in the center, give them extra warmth. However, there may be a significant degree of difference amongst quilts.

A cotton quilt made with a batting layer is the go-to choice, given its lighter weight and suitability for summer temperatures. In comparison to this kind of quilt, a wool blanket might be warmer. Both the natural material used and the thickness vary.

What Is A Quilt Used For?

Quilts are adaptable furnishings that can be used as both decorative elements and bed toppers. You can use this bedding topper in numerous ways, including as a throw blanket, bed covering, wall decoration, table runner, table cloth, etc.

Which Is Warmer Blanket Or Comforter?

Comforters are generally warmer than blankets due to the increased insulation that comforters' filling offers over the others, which are normally only built with one layer. Still, in case the blanket is made of wool, it might provide the same level of warmth as a lightweight comforter.

The Bottom Line

What is the difference between a quilt and a comforter? Now you have the complete answer for yourself. Quilts are lighter and help you sleep a little cooler. They go well with several bedding pieces and can be used all year round. 

Meanwhile, fluffy comforters are warmer than quilts, making them the ideal choice for colder nights.

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